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18/11/2017 The SMR wiki has returned! Also, a new coder has joined the ranks. Look forward to bug fixes, enhancements, and some new features. Join the conversation in IRC or Discord to make sure your voice is heard!
3/12/2011 There are now hotkeys for movement and scanning, as well as for switch between Current Sector, Local Map and Plot Course.
Default bindings can be found under Preferences, where you are also able to customise them.

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2:52:26 PM
The Alskant have signed a PEACE treaty with the WQ Human
5:09:34 AM
The Salvene have signed a PEACE treaty with the WQ Human
3:48:08 AM
The Ik'Thorne have signed a PEACE treaty with the Creonti
3:47:48 AM
The Nijarin have signed a PEACE treaty with the Ik'Thorne

It is a time of great interstellar turmoil....

The decline of the Galactic Federation, which served for centuries as a glowing bastion of peace, freedom, and prosperity, has given way to a rising tide of corruption and organized crime. Trade lanes are unsafe even in the most well populated areas. Pirates disrupt the free flow of cash and goods to local economies. Organized gangs have laid claim to entire planets and control the most lucrative ports by threat of violence. Black market goods are sold in the open without fear.

Sensing that the Federation has lost its grip on power, the eight known races have split off and formed independent governments. The presidents and their councils guide the flow of weapons and trade in a bid to retain economic control and keep their people safe. Despite these efforts, violence and desperation continues to escalate.

This is the universe you find yourself in.

Space Merchant Realms is a game of speed, skill, and strategy. To make it to the top ranks, it takes a combination of leadership, persistence, courage, and cooperation. Will you quest for riches as a tradeship captain? Or seek fame and glory as an alliance fleet commander? Is the life of a pirate what you are after? Where will your destiny take you?